Friday, March 24, 2017

Congress wants to cut Social Security Disability

These Congress members referenced in this article want to cut Social Security Disability benefits. This is not surprising since I've been watching these types of attacks on the disability system since the early 2000s.

How are they attacking? Here's how: in the current system, if you prove you are disabled, the assumption is made that you may never work again at a substantial and gainful level. That's because to get disability in the first place you have to have very strong medical evidence. Its not an easy thing to win. Even so, your claim does get reviewed every few years to see if you have experienced medical improvement. If you have improved, you may be taken off benefits. That usually doesn't happen, of course, because most people who get awarded disability never improve that much. That's because they were legitimately found disabled in the first place

HOWEVER, these politicians have the notion that disability tends to be a "temporary thing" and that "people are being held back by being given disability".

WOW. Not surprised, of course. Their "fix" is that people should be given TIME-LIMITED BENEFITS. That's right. Benefits that last only a while before you have to APPLY ALL OVER AGAIN. Anyone who ever spent months or years trying to get benefits won know that everything these politicians are saying is totally out of touch with reality. Basically a lie.

Here's the article: Congress wants to cut Social Security Disability

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