Thursday, November 19, 2015

New entries on the SSDRC facebook page

Postings on the SSDRC facebook page

On this page, I'll list recent and older posting for the Facebook page for, the Social Security Disability Resource Center. For those who are unaware, I am a former disability examiner who worked at the DDS agency in Raleigh NC and who made decisions on SSD and SSI claims.

Here is an excerpt from my "about me" page on "As a disability examiner, I adjudicated Social Security Disability and SSI claims, which is simply another way of saying that I reviewed the medical and vocational evidence of a case in order to determine whether it should be approved or denied. This background gave me particular insight into how cases are determined, how the system actually works at the ground level, as well as certain commonly made mistakes that are often made and which should be avoided.

Finally, I have taken and passed the federal written examination that is administered by the Social Security Administration and which is authorized under Public Law No. 111-142, "The Social Security Disability Applicants' Access to Professional Representation Act of 2010". The purpose of this exam is to test knowledge of the relevant provisions of the Social Security Act and also knowlege of the most recent developments in SSA including court decisions that affect titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act."

Individuals who have questions about filing for disability benefits, or have filed and have questions about the process, appeals, or specific issues may want to visit or the facebook page ( where they can ask questions and share their experiences with other individuals. My hope is that, over time, that page will become a community where individuals can support each other in their fight for disability benefits.

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