Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Invisible disabilities and fools

This reminds me so much of the very many idiots who think their neighbors are committing Social Security fraud simply because these idiots don't see their neighbors confined to wheelchairs. To these legions of idiots, most medical conditions are not overtly obvious to the eye, and this is doubly so with individuals who have zero medical training (meaning practically everyone).

From the article:

"I was diagnosed with a chronic joint disease in high school that has progressively worsened over the years, causing a major health issue for my right leg. I’ve had a series of invasive, painful medical procedures, but the exterior signs of my trauma are reduced to a series of scars on my ankle. When I’m wearing long pants, it’s impossible to distinguish me from anyone else — which is why I get horrible looks, and even overt hostility, from onlookers when I use my handicap placard. The battle between disabled and non-disabled people is one that is not highly publicized. But the manner in which general society perceives disabled people, specifically people who show no visual signs of their disability, is an ongoing issue that needs addressing."

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