Friday, February 02, 2007

We move along

The GoldFish gave me permission to quote from her disability blog and so I'd like to present a few lines (quite a few actually) from one of her recent posts. Her post concerned moving, leaving a place...but so much more than that.

The post made me think of a few things and reminded me of others. Things I've read. Things I've thought. Places I've left. And people I've known who, living or not, have become inexorably removed from me as I am carried along, not always willingly, on the conveyor we call linear time.

I can see these people and places in my mind, as a still picture, or, in very reflective moments, as a short, personal movie clip. If the moment is right, I can hear sounds from long ago, and if I conjure hard enough I can grasp shadowy incarnations of an old scent or a past touch.

Any post on any blog that evokes such feeling is one that I highly recommend.

Here's the quote, followed by a link to the full post---

"I am fine, somewhat tearful. No reason; we have nothing to lose. I think there are only a handful of things in life anyone can claim that they have actually lost. We have both had a great time in this place and nothing can ever take that away from us. Only it moves into the past tense and can only be revisited in the imagination. We never get to revisit the great times in any case; even if their locations have been frozen in time, we have not. And that's not a bad thing. There are other great times, new adventures to be had ahead of us, new places which will become special to us further along the road. There are friends out there who we don't even know yet, perhaps a few who are not yet born, let alone all those who exist who we are only going to get to know and love better with time.

Nobody has died; nothing to mourn.

But saying goodbye, even to a place, even when you know that it's time to go..."

That was then

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