Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Forrest Landry and the Blog super highway

I came across Forest Landry's blog a moment ago and I was struck by several things he said on his 4pm, April 14th 2006 post (Forrest Landry).

" They automatically turn everyone down the first time, because they know that a good 80% will not appeal the decision. And then they turn down almost all the ones who appeal the first time, and they know there's a high percentage who won't go to the judge."

I wouldn't debate the statistic, but, for the most part, of course, Mr. Landry is right. And I've heard these sentiments espressed many many times. But seeing it in print on a blog "feels" a little different and, perhaps, a bit depressing.

"So I had to face the "retirement" demons early. It's not an easy process. There are layers of guilt about not working, not getting up and going to work, not being productive, not making a living, etc. that keep coming up like layers of the world's largest onion...Because we're taught from early childhood that going to work is the whole purpose we have in life."

I think I may have echoed this in another post I made. Or perhaps a comment on someone else's blog. And my sentiment was this: few people would really want a disability check versus having the ability to work. Why would you? Working pays more and it gets you out of the house and into the world. Yet our citizens who are legitimately disabled, who have lost the ability to remain employed at the level of SGA (substantial gainful activity) are made to feel guilty about their condition, circumstances, and are made to feel less worthy as individuals. Definitely a flaw in our society.

"I predict that there'll be millions of Boomers who will start up new companies and get part time jobs and do consulting and open hobby shops and just DO stuff to keep from idling in retirement."

I think he may be right about this. And I'll be very curious to see if it does happen.

Oh, well, that's the end of this post. That's the nice thing about blogging. You don't have to necessarily tie things up neatly. Just as you wonder about in the blogosphere you can drift about in each post.


OneHeartCompassion said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. I assume you meant the one where I lost my Part D. I sort of abandoned the blog because, after writing to lots of congressmen, I got my Part D back.

You have a great one here...keep it up. I wish I would have known about it sooner. I have questions to ask about how my brother got approved in 8 months through one change of state, but I'll ask them later.

Disability Blogger said...

Thanks for coming by. And I'm glad you got your part D back.

SSDC said...

Great post and unfortunately so true!