Sunday, November 27, 2011

Should have Received Back Payment for all of the Children from Social Security

"I applied for all three children at the same time , we didn't have to wait to long before we started getting their payments, I think somewhere in feild of 4 months or so. Anyways they gave me back pay on two of them and not the third. If I applied the same time, shouldn't all three have gotten back pay? All three children are dx with the same thing as well, in reading your blog, that could have something to do with it. Also the back pay didn't add up with the amount granted. How do I proceed to find out? Social Sec. Isn't being very helpful in the the matter."

One of your children did not receive a back payment. It would seem if everything you have stated in your question is true, you should have received back payment for all of your children. Considering, you filed disability claims for all the children at the same time. SSI disability eligibility begins with the date of filing, so your third child should receive the same back pay as the other children if they were all found medically disabled as of the date you filed their disability claims.

You should read any notices you have received to date from Social Security to make sure there is not an explanation for the difference in back pay. If you still do not have an answer, you should contact your local Social Security office and ask to speak with the claim representative that processed your children 's disability claims. They should be able to explain to you why your third child did not receive any back pay and any discrepancies in the back payment amount.

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