Friday, October 28, 2011

SSI Checks stopped

"Both of my sons used to receive SSI checks for there disabilities when they were younger. while they got their checks, I reported everything. Shortly after I started working full time, their checks stopped. At that point Social security had told me they had been hugely overpaid! I filed a waiver for the overpayments. I never heard back from them. After 12 years, my older son filed for his benefits at 18 with my ex as his payee. Low and behold if Social Security did not take 8 of
his checks and are still taking money from him today! My younger son who lives with me recently put in for his benefits and looks like we are going to have a fight to keep them from doing the same thing! I asked one customer service person in the Social security office about overpayments and they told me that no matter how honest you are, you are always going to get overpaid! I find this really hard to believe; they need to fix their system!"

The SSI disability program has the potential for errors. There is a lot of financial accountability both on the part of disability beneficiaries and Social Security claims representatives. You stated that you were diligent in reporting your work activity and you may have been. However, your wages may have not been posted immediately. This may be why even honest people sometimes become overpaid. You stated that you filed a waiver and never heard anything. You should have received a decisional notice that gave you appeal rights. You may have been able to get the over payments waived at that time.

At this point, Social Security is collecting the debt from any record that is payable. The overpayment is still owed to Social Security. You are correct in assuming that Social Security will probably place the SSI overpayment on your younger son’s record as well if he is approved for disability. Once again, Social Security is owed the money so they are going to attempt to collect the overpaid funds. The only option is for your son to apply for a waiver of the overpayment because he was not in charge of his benefits at the time of the overpayment occurred. Unfortunately, that would mean the overpayments could be transferred to your record if you ever become entitled to Social Security benefits. You could be held accountable for the overpayments if you were the children’s representative payee during the time the overpayment occurred.

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