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SSI back payment benefits may be deducted from SSD back pay

"I received my disability letter and it stated my back pay March 2010 through July 2011 is being withheld to see if a reduction due to ssi. I never received ssi however I did receive unemployment during part of that time does that take any part of my back pay? Also would I get the full monthly payment 1,061.00 for the 16 months as stated - March 2010 - July 2011 in one lump sum or installments. Thank You"

Like many people you may be confused about SSI benefits, when you filed for Social Security disability benefits you most likely filed a SSI disability claim as well.

In your case it appears that you met the income and resource limits of the SSI disability program at that time. If you did indeed file for both, there is a chance that you might be entitled to some SSI benefits prior to becoming entitled to your full Social Security benefits.

SSI disability benefits are not paid prior to being found medically disabled, so you would not have received them during the time you were waiting for your medical disability decision. If you are entitled to SSI back payment benefits, the amount you receive will be deducted from your Social Security disability back pay because SSI is a need based disability program. If you are actually ineligible for any SSI benefits due to your resources or income, you will receive your full back payment for the months of March 2010 through July 2011.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted this comment to my own blog. I would like to say your Blog has been very helpful.Below is the post I made in my Depression Support Group.


This morning my state of mind is not the best. I knew what the decision would be but to have a call wake up from sleep asking you sensitive questions and telling you it was just a formal way of "denying your claim"....well that set something off in me that was like making two steps back in my progress. That is ok, I'll get those two steps back :-) Anyway here is my latest comment on my wordpress blog. I hope all my buddies here are feeling at least "ok". Hang in there, it will be ok, we're in this together, right?

Respectfully Yours,

Fort Pierce FL

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any, I mean ANY income resources can be deducted which is in their literature, unemployment check etc.
Disability designates you cannot work so the income is deducted. If you inherit money, get any income from sale of items , you are supposed to report so you need to read this.

9:10 PM  
Blogger burnetto57 said...

I am applying for SSDI based on several conditions. I have an attorney rep. me. I recently received a letter from my examiner stating I needed to go for an "Exam by a psychologists" - reason stated: "A review of your file shows insufficient med. evidence". I assume the Psychologist/Exam is to address my Depression,Panic D/O and or anxiety D/O, as these are the 'mental issues'. I have a 20+ year history of treatment for these - mostly through the VA - and has been continuous to this date (SS also has one Private Practice Psychiatrist records of seeing me for same conditions from 2003 - 2009). My issue/question is this: My current VA therapist is has been working w/ in conjunction w/ my VA Psychiatrist and are 'in the middle of an approx. 6 session effort to focus exclusively thoroughly analizing me with the intent of being able to supply my Atty. (and thus, the SS folks)w/ a comprehensive objective letter of percisely how they see my symptoms affecting my ability to work - they are 2-4 weeks shy of completion/submission of these results. However, my Examiner is unwilling to give my atty. an additional couple of weeks and being insistent I see the SS Psychologist on 10/18/2011 which will likely happen a week or 2 too soon - re: the time I need for the completion of my VA letter. If you have any ideas I would appreciate them (my atty really does not want the SS exam to pre-empt my providers letter).

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SSI Blog,

My brother filed social security disability paper work due to his "stomach illness." which he swore was not brought on by drinking any beer or vodka. He finally received the award, his weight dropped down to 100lbs due to his drinking a 10 cans of beer and a 1/5th of cheap CVS brand vodka each day. He said he did not drink, he was declined twice because the judges thought he was a drunk. Should I turn him in? He is calling the Social Security administration on other people he thinks don't desire their benefits. What should I do?


1:59 PM  

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