Thursday, September 01, 2011

"He's just a Judge that Can't say no" any claim for Disability Benefits

Someone wrote me recently and said the following:

"Did you see in newsweek or somewhere.....96% of disability applications are approved in puerto rico in a timely manner? what's up with that?"

I responded with:

I heard that a long time ago. Probably a "institutional culture" thing, .i.e some of those judges need to be rotated out of there. Some ALJs now are coming under fire because they approve well over 90 percent of their cases. One notable ALJ was just suspended. Frankly, the way I see it, it just makes up for all the various ALJs who deny the bulk of the claims that they hear.

The thing is, ALJs are independent and they need to stay that way. The alternative would be for the system to come under an "alternative" federal review process, which has been floated before. That would instantly hold out the potential for the entire disability claim process to become very adversarial for claimants.

It's good that they focus on some of the bad apples now and then (like the ALJ who just got suspended for approving nearly every case that ever came before him), but, for the most part, the system works well.

Actually, shortly after this email exchange, I read that this particular social security judge, David B. Daugherty, retired. He approved 99.8 percent of the disability cases that came into his hearing room.

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