Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woman Paralyzed before her Wedding relies on Medicaid for Care and Rehab

Just before her wedding, a Knightdale woman was paralyzed in a freak accident

This is a particularly sad story that reminds you of how unexpectedly and quickly life can turn on a dime...for the worse.

There are lots of hateful comments from readers of this story, many of them revolving around the woman's utilization of medicaid and her postponing her marriage in order to preserve medicaid eligibility, however, one single commenter wrote a few words that make sense:

"The comment I was going to reply to got removed. As for getting their own insurance to pay for her injuries - her fiancee probably can't add her to his policy because they aren't married. And, adding her, after the injuries occurred, would likely be difficult. Same goes for her getting a policy on her own, and she likely can't work at the moment. My guess is Medicaid is her only option."

Pre-existing conditions. This is largely what health insurance reform was all about. And at a time when millions are losing, or have lost, their employer-provided health care benefits--and also have pre-existing conditions--you have to wonder why more people don't "get it".

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