Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drug Companies Probably Wish They Could Patent Vitamin D

A study that appears in the American Journal of Pathology indicates that a deficiency in Vitamin D is a factor for colon cancer and for developing inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis and also crohn's disease.

Apparently, Vitamin D is also a squelcher of inflammation. I took particular note of this because inflammation is increasingly linked to a ton of disease processes. Whatever you can do to reduce general inflammation levels in the body through proper diet would seem to be a good thing.

Another study, conducted by finnish researchers, found that people with the lowest levels of Vitamin D had three time the risk of developing parkinson's disease.

Here's also what is known about vitamin D:

1. It helps the body utilize calcium (no one wants osteoporosis or even slight bone density loss).

2. It is involved in regulating the immune system.

Also in the news this week regarding Vitamin D:

1. Deficiencies in Vitamin D are being linked to lower brain activity levels in dementia patients.

2. Vitamin D can assist in reducing muscle recovery time (if you've ever worked out in a gym, or had to engage in hard physical labor, then you know what

this means).

3. A study published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology found that a dropoff in male testosterone levels was linked to lower seasonal vitamin D levels (basically in the winter). Males who had the highest levels of testosterone had at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood. Don't ask me what a nanogram is beyond my assumption that it is a unit of measurement. It suffices to say that males with the most Vitamin D had the most testosterone.

How do you get Vitamin D in your diet? Fatty fish, such as tuna and sardines, seems to be one source. Eggs are another. But fortified milk and yogurt are good sources also. And a daily multi isn't a bad idea either.

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