Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do you Get Updates on A Social Security Disability Case?

I recently came across a posting on another blog. The title of the post was "How to get updates on a Social Security Disability Case". The title seemed very familiar to me and when I read the blog post, I knew why. The post was "borrowed" from a page I had written years ago on disabilitysecrets.com---well, imitation may be flattery, but where does that leave the internet equivalent of stealing someone's term paper? (the "borrowing" had been done word-for-word).

Regardless, the purloined post caused me to consider the question anew. And the answer goes like this: In a nutshell, a claimant files a claim at a local social security office and that office transmits the claim to a disability determination services office where the claim is assigned to an examiner. For the entire time that the claim is with the disability examiner, the social security office will have little to zero idea of what is actually going on with the claim.

For that reason, obviously, there is really very little value in calling the social security office for a status update on a social security disability or SSI claim. What makes much more sense is for a claimant to contact the disability examiner at the state disability agency where SSD and SSI claims are processed.

How does a claimant get in touch with the disability examiner? The phone number for the disability determination services agency can be gotten by calling a social security office. After getting this phone number, a claimant can call the state agency and be connected to the examiner who is handling their claim.

How will the disability examiner respond to the claimant's request for a status update? Typically, by telling the claimant whether or not the claim has been decided (if the case has been decided, the examiner will not be allowed to disclose what the decision was) or is still pending (meaning still being worked on).

If the case is still being evaluated, the examiner may take the opportunity to inform the claimant as to what is still needed to close the case, such as medical records that have been requested from a particular medical treatment source, or the results of a consultative medical examination that the claimant was sent to, or information that has been requested from the claimant. So, in other words, calling to get updates on a social security disability case can not only satisfy a claimant's curiosity as to how their case is going, but may also provide an opportunity for a disability examiner to communicate with, and obtain information from, the disability applicant.

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