Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where do People go to Retire?

When the time comes to stop working and retire, where will you go? A survey that came out a few months ago showed that America's retirees aren't sticking to the old standbys of Arizona (a bit hot--lately in more ways than one) and Florida (way too humid for me) for great climate and easy living, but are heading to new places across the country to enjoy their post-work lives.

The number one spot for retirees today is surprisingly Pahrump, Nevada – the new, hot retirement destination.

Why Pahrump, Nevada? The close proximity to Las Vegas (a simple hour drive) is one reason, and the warm, dry climate of Pahrump is another. The average temperature during the summer months is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit; a perfect temperature for heat loving retirees (I speak from experience here: my in-laws and my own mother tend to to keep their homes mildly roasting in the winter).

The study was held by, a bizjournals property, and used U.S. Census Bureau data to find the most popular spots for those over the age of 65. To see an interactive map of the most popular metropolitan and micropolitan retirement destination spots visit:

Since Nevada took the number one spot, does Florida or Arizona take the number two and number three spots? Surprisingly, they do not. Crossville, Tennessee took the number two hot-spot for retirees, and Oak Harbor, Washington took the number three spot. Naples-Marco Island, Florida did chime in the number four spot, while Brevard, North Carolina took the number five spot.

This new study on retiree destinations busts several myths about retirees. Unlike in the past, retirees are not currently looking to live in busy urban centers or traditional havens. Some retirees are looking for specific types of communities, such as the small mountain communities of Pahrump, Crossville, and Brevard. Retirees are also searching out coastal areas such as the Pacific coast states of Washington and Oregon, the Atlantic coast states of South Carolina and Maryland, and the Great Lakes region, such as Minnesota and Michigan.

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