Friday, April 23, 2010

Should I List My Depression Medications from Years Ago on My Disability Application?

Someone recently indicated that they were filing for disability and had, several years ago, taken medications for depression. They had at a later point stopped taking these medications and were now seeking treatment again for depression. They were wondering if they should disclose on their disability application the fact that these meds were previously taken.

Answer: It can't hurt. When social security evaluates your social security disability or SSI disability claim, their motto may as well be "Give us everything you've got". That's because cases are evaluated in this sense: disability examiners are looking for ways to--

A) document the severity of a physical or mental condition (and the purpose of this is to determine whether or not a claimant can begin working again at a substantial and gainful activity level) and

B) establish the correct onset date (onset date is equivalent to when your condition began and can determine how much you receive in back pay and even whether or not you receive disability benefits at all).

So, disclosing information about past diagnoses, past treatment, and past medication usage isn't a problem. In fact, in this case it would be a very good thing to do because it helps establish a longitudinal history for an affective disorder illness.

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