Monday, March 08, 2010

Costs going up whiles services decline: a soon to be oft-repeated story

Here's a link to a story that must be distressing at the very least for many inhabitants of New Jersey. New Jersey Transit is planning to increase fares by 25 percent while at the same time cutting back on services. The reason? The same one that you find in many states. Whopping budget deficits.

I'm not surprised to read this and similar stories because I fear this will be the prevailing wind for most of us in coming years, regardless of where we live. Municipalities, states, and the federal government are simply indebted up to their eyeballs. And what these governments, small and large, consider to be "their income", which is our tax money, has taken a sharp dive.

Just as Ross Perot many years ago predicted there would be this great sucking sound of business relocation after the passage of NAFTA (north american free trade agreement--what a hideous joke, as if you can truly have a balanced and level playing field with a country that is not only rife with political and institutional corruption, but is filled to capacity with absolute poverty), there is a strong likelihood that American taxpayers will have more and more of their hard earned dollars sucked from their purses and wallets, just so governments can "make ends meet".

Of course, most Americans have no problem in paying their fair share. And most I would gather have no problem even with the notion of paying a bit more than that if the goal of getting to financial solvency and stability is clearly indicated on a well-marked path, one that's been clearly thought out. But...there aren't many clues in the air, or on the ground, or in the trees, that our so-called elected leadership is ever thinking or planning beyond the next election cycle. And by this mean I mean Congress far more than whoever the head of the executive branch of the federal government happens to be at any given moment.

NJ Transit Plans 25% Fare Increase Amid Deficit (Update2)

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