Sunday, January 17, 2010

SSI Disability Status

"I applied for SSI about 40 days ago. About 2 weeks later, I got a notice from my bank that a monthly credit would be going into my account from the US treasury and it said SSI at the bottom, but I never got an approval letter, nor has any money been deposited into my account. About 2 weeks ago, I got a packet to fill out about my daily Life from the SS office. I filled it out and sent it back in the next day. But I haven't heard anything since. I know it can take 5 months, but my husband's net pay is only 400 a month and we have a toddler. I just want to know."


This situation has me somewhat confused as well. My only suggestion is that you may have an impairment that may be an SSI presumptive disability condition. In these situations, Social Security pays an individual while they make their disability determination --based upon a list of presumptive disability conditions.

It appears they may not have made a complete decision because they are still requesting information for you for your disability claim. It would not be unusual for you to still be waiting on the payment, though, as it could begin this month or next month even. However, this is just an educated guess.

I would contact my local Social Security office to get a status on my disability claim, and I would explain that I had received a notice from my bank stating that a monthly credit from SSI was going to begin. If they cannot give you much information, ask them to give you the number of the disability agency that is handling your SSI disability claim (in most states, referred to as DDS or disability determination services). Call the disability examiner handling your disability claim to see if there is anything else needed for your disability decision and ask if there has been a decision made. They cannot by law tell you what the medical decision is, but they can tell you if one has been made.

I hope this helps.

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