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Social Security Disability Issues

Here's a short list of complaints and/or comments regarding the social security disability, SSI disability claim process that a number of individuals have written.

"It's a shame that they take it out of your paycheck w/ no problem!!! Then they make you fight your butt off to get it when anyone really needs it!"

Yes, it's true that the social security retirement and disability system is compulsory not voluntary, meaning that FICA taxes are taken out of a person's paycheck. Even self-employed individuals must pay into the system or else not be covered for social security retirement or social security disability benefits.

Regarding having a system that requires a person to prove that they are disabled according to SSA standards, it's logical that it would be this way. After all, the federal disability system is not based on temporary disability or partial disability. To qualify for disability benefits that are ongoing, a person's condition must be severe enough that it A) rules out the ability to work at a substantial and gainful level and B) lasts at least one full year.

"Did anyone know that if you called your city council person that there is a special department that makes sure that your case is moving alone. They will not get the disability for you but will help to make sure you are represented and moved along quicker."

Personally, I am not aware of city municipalities (or city/country politicians that are associated with them) that assist claimants with their social security disability or SSI cases. However, I would not be surprised if this is the case in larger metropolitan areas. As the writer indicated, it is most likely true that they either conduct inquiries on cases or provide lists of local disability representatives.

With regard to inquiries, this is exactly the kind of assistance that one could hope to receive from a senator or congressman's office. These are known as congressional inquiries and they basically amount to a status inquiry on someone's case. Such inquiries typically have little effect when an SSD or SSI claim is being worked on by a disability examiner. However, if a case has been pending for quite a long time at a disability hearing office, a congressional inquiry may help to move the hearing request along a bit faster.

On the subject of providing the names of local disability representatives, this is something that was once taboo for social security field offices. Long ago, they kept lists of disability attorneys to provide to applicants. Then, amid cries of favoritism, the lists were done away with. Now, from what I've heard from current social security employees, these lists are coming back into existence.

"I have been waitin for 9 mos. just to find out that I got denied...I am goin to go thru the appeals process that will take at least a yr. in my state just to get a hearing date...."

It used to be the case years ago that after a request for a disability hearing was submitted, a claimant might reasonably expect to receive notification of a scheduled hearing three to five months later. That is no longer the case due to A) increasing numbers of disability claims, B) manpower shortages in the disability system at both the state and federal level, and C) ineptitude on the part of social security administration managers (i.e. failed initiatives that were unrealistic, doomed to fail, and only compounded problems rather than solve them).

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Blogger Rin Kutoji said...

You want a social security issue? Check this out:

This incident happened to someone who is receiving ongoing medical care. Her treating physicians are furious, and her neurologist is demanding that the SSA be held accountable for their actions. What do you suggest she do, in this situation?

3:42 PM  
Blogger denise said...

The SS discrimination of married couples receiving SSI for medical handicaps. We don't get all of the SSI that we should because we are married, this is discrimination at the worse form. The SS office will give 2 people living together at the same address their full amount of SSI, but as soon as you get married they take not just 50% but 50% of each persons SSI. Like our SSI went up in 2009 to $1,010.00 but because we are married we only get the full amount together, they take 50% of each not just 50% of one. We could live fine if the government would give us a full amount of $1,010 and then take 50% of the other, this would be $1,515.00 instead of having a family live on $1,010.00 with a mortgage of $433.32, taxes, insurance, telephone, electric, etc. We have never had the chance to buy a nice new car and make car payments, hell even welfare gives people $2,500. to buy a vehicle if they don't have one, but they won't help married couples on SSI to even pay their taxes. The SS office will even give alcholics and drug abusiers SSI so they can buy more alchol and drugs, but won't give give married couples the chance to let their children experience the good things in life they didn't ask to be on SSI, we can't work or they take more away, most of our disabilities are so bad we can't stand or sit to work.

6:48 PM  

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