Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Social Security Disability Award Letter Following an Approval

"My friend received her decision letter on Sept. 14 and still has not received an award letter or any benefits. They also told her that each time she calls and they note it in the system that it causes a further delay in the processing of her benefits and gets handed off to someone new. Is there anything that can be done to speed them along? What are her legal rights?"

It is difficult to give you an answer to this question because I do not know at which level in the disability process your friend received her decision letter. I find it hard to believe that she would get approved at the disability application or reconsideration appeal level, receive a letter 09/14, and still not be in pay status. Which, leads me to believe that your friend received her decision from an administrative law judge and that her claim was forwarded to a payment center for processing.

Most hearing decisions have to be manually processed by payment centers, and there are things that can delay processing. For instance, did your friend have workman's compensation benefits or has she received anything from the SSI program? If an individual receives any benefits from the SSI disability program it creates a windfall offset that could take more time to process. Or, if she has received no pay, has any additional information been requested from her?

Unfortunately, she has no legal recourse with this kind of situation and there may be some truth to what you mentioned, that every time she calls there may be more of a delay in the processing. When calls are received, there is an automatic input to get someone to take a look at the situation and that may mean it gets passed on to another person for review. They may not be saying that as a "threat", it may simply be the truth.

It is unlikely at this point that there is anything she can do to speed the processing along. She could have her congressperson check the status of the claim...there is no guarantee this will speed it along but sometimes it does help once a medical decision has been made.

Like I said, this is conjecture as I have no specifics about your friend's disability claim.

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Blogger roberta said...

i have a current appeal being filed.. after recieving children benefits til high school... i was denied as a adult because at 18 I was working full time... now and for some time now i dont and cant full time... the local soc security office mailed me a notcie asking me to call them.... the person said i dont make enough to show substantial gains and reccommended i apply for SSDI.... after 4 months the denied me saying i cant show i was disables prior to 22 yrs old.. when in fact i was disable at birht with cerebral palsy and drop foot syndrom.....

im wondering what should i expect with my appeal.... please email me with any help of knowledge vegasbois402@yahoo.com



8:37 PM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

Hi Roberta, I responded here: SSDI Appeal Questions

7:28 AM  

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