Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hidradenitis Suppurative is commonly found in Women between puberty and 40

Here's a basic facts list regarding Hidradenitis suppurativa.

1) Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin disease, characterized by inflammation that causes groups of red, painful abscesses or boils on the skin near the sweat glands and hair follicles. It is usually found near the groin, under the arms, under the breasts (for females), and the buttocks.

2) Hidrandenitis supprativa is known by many names, including Verneuils’s disease, Velpeau’s disease, Acne Inversa (AI), fox-den disease, acne conglobata, apocrine acne, and pyodermia fistulans sinifica.

3) It is most commonly found in women. It is usually present between puberty and the age of 40, though it does rarely affect children and can be present over age 40. The disease is not caused by bad hygiene or a bacterial infection and is not contagious.

4) Hidrandenitis supprativa seems to be caused by a variety of issues, from genetics and hormones, to stress, heat, cigarette smoking, and can even be caused by clothing friction. Being overweight does not cause the disease, but can make it more challenging.

4) The boils or lesions can be small like a pea, or they can be as large as a peach. No matter the size, they are very tender, sore and painful to touch. They may excrete pus, and can cause scarring.

5) There is no cure for the disease, and it can go into remission for months, or be present for years. It is not completely understood and is thought to be a dysfunction of the hair follicles or apocrine glands.

6) Treatment options include anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling and pain, antibiotics for infection, oral retinoid medications and corticosteroids. If the case is severe sometimes surgical draining, local excision, lancing or laser surgery removal will be needed.

7) Severe cases can sometimes lead to tunnels forming underneath the skin between the abscesses (sinus tracts), usually requiring surgery.

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