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Where Do You Begin When Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits?

All Social Security disability claims must begin with an application for disability benefits. You can call your local Social Security office or the toll free Social Security number to schedule a disability interview with your local Social Security office. You may complete your disability interview in person or by phone.

Some time ago, Social Security established an online disability application process to enable disability applicants to complete their Social Security disability application via the internet. If you choose to use to file your disability claim online, be sure to complete your disability application and disability medical report form, as well as print and sign your medical release forms (the signed medical release forms must be returned to your local office).

Unfortunately, there is no online SSI disability application at this time. Many Social Security offices are scheduling disability appointments for internet disability applicants so that SSI disability can be addressed.

Since there are some “problems” in the online disability process it is probably easier to file your disability application with your local Social Security office.

No matter which method you choose to file your disability application, you should be prepared to provide Social Security with the names and contact information of your medical treatment sources along with information about the work you have performed over the past fifteen years.

Remember, Social Security disability is based upon your ability to perform substantial work activity, in spite of the limitations imposed upon you by your disabling impairment. Social Security claims representatives will use this information to determine your eligibility for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability at the time of your interview. Additionally, they will make sure that your disability report is completed along with your medical release forms. Once your interview is completed your disability claim will be sent to the state disability agency for a medical determination.

This is just the beginning. If your initial disability claim is denied and you wish to pursue you disability claim, you will have to begin the Social Security appeals process. The appeal process begins with a reconsideration appeal and may end in Federal court, although most disability claims end with either the administrative law judge hearing or the Appeals Council review. It is a lengthy process that could take months or even years to win disability benefits. However, if you are truly unable to perform any kind of substantial work activity, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by following your disability claim through the appeal process. Statistical date suggests that two thirds of all individuals who attend an administrative law judge disability hearing are approved for disability benefits.

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Great site, so much information. I had no idea that most claims were denied and that I could appeal. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this site!

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Blogger Disability Blogger said...

You're very welcome. You may find my regular website, Social Security and Disability Resource Center helpful as well.

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