Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's Possible to Bring Lupus Under Control with the drug Benlysta

This is pretty amazing news. For anyone with lupus or anyone who knows someone with lupus, you may wish to refer them to this article which also contains an informative video segment.

So, What's this article about? A new drug called Benlysta. The first new pharmaceutical agent developed specifically for Lupus patients in...half a century. And it may be available to Lupus patients by the end of 2010.

Information presented in the video:

  • Lupus afflicts more than five million people worldwide
  • Lupus can lead to kidney failure and death
  • The drugs currently taken by Lupus patients produce unwanted side-effect
  • Benlysta was created by the company Human Genome Sciences
  • The Benlysta phase 3 clinical trials involved 850 lupus patients over a one year period.
  • Benlysta is expected to pass FDA testing next year
  • Benlysta will apparently be a drug that must be taken for life
  • Benlysta is designed to fight the naturally produced antibodies in lupus patients with manmade antibodies.
  • The CEO of the lupus foundation of america said "People now have is possible to bring this disease under control"

    I've often thought that one of the worst things for anyone to be hit with is an autoimmune disorder like lupus or MS, or a condition that mimics so many symptoms of various ailments like lyme disease.

    New Drug for Lupus Sufferers

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