Thursday, July 30, 2009

Medical Insurance, Disability, and Bankruptcy

These issues were mentioned in quite a bit of my recent reading so I thought it was worth putting this laundry list together.

1. The American Journal of Medicine has shown that when it comes to major accidents and illnesses, out-of-pocket expenses can lead the finances of a family or individual to ruin.

2. Medical bankrutpcy usually starts with a patient becoming ill or suffering injuries, causing them to miss days at work, eventually lose their employment, and, as a result, lose their health insurance. Of course, this is a good argument against having one's health insurance tied to a single employer. Another argument against employer-based heath insurance is this scenario: you have a medical condition and you lose your job. Now you have a pre-existing condition. What if you can't get new insurance?

3. The majority of individuals who file for bankruptcy in the United States do so because of situations triggered by illness and resulting medical bills.

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