Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gettting in Touch with Social Security About a Disability Case by Video Feed

This is fairly interesting stuff, for individuals who are filing for disability, filing for retirement, or have an issue that needs to be discussed regarding either. Let's say you live somewhere and your closest social security office requires more a long drive to get to. Well, in the future, you may not have to make that drive.

The social security administration is testing a new video system (in an eight state area within the southeastern U.S.) that allows an individual to go to a satellite location, sit down at a desk, and talk, via a secured line, to an SSA representative. Reportedly, there are no buttons to push and even the most computer illiterate will be able to use it.

Sometimes I knock the social security administration when they announce some new system designed to "make things easier". However, in this case, I think its a great idea. You can save people driving time, keep waiting lines down at local field offices, and both claimants and field office claims reps can both ask and answer questions much faster.

Of course, who knows yet if there are bugs to this, or if certain aspects are not practical. But, so far, it sounds like a good idea.

Here's a list of what the video conference system can be used for:

* Applying for Social Security retirement.
* Applying for Social Security disability.
* Applying for extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs.
* Requesting a Social Security statement.
* Changing your address or telephone number.
* Getting a replacement Medicare card.
* Requesting a proof of income letter.
* Getting a Form 1099/1042S benefit statement.

And, hey, I didn't realize it but one of these systems is located in my own state of North Carolina.

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Blogger Gena said...

I filed for Social Security Disability in March and, while ours is not video (Arkansas), it is all online. I have yet to go sit for hours in their office waiting to talk to someone. I did the application on line, then they called for additional information.

9:10 PM  

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