Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can a Collection Agency or Business Garnish My Social Security Disability Check?

Social Security does not allow garnishment of disability benefits by creditors, unless those creditors are other government agencies, child support, or alimony. Any credit card company, business, or individual who has won a judgment against you will never be able to garnish your Social Security disability check.

Here's a short list of possible garnishment situations.

1. Social Security will allow garnishment of your Social Security disability benefits for current and past due child support or alimony.

2. Social Security will allow other government agencies to garnish Social Security disability benefits. The Internal Revenue Service is allowed to garnish Social Security disability and retirement benefits for delinquent taxes and, in fact, any federal agency is allowed to garnish Social Security disability benefits. For instance, if an individual owes student loans that were federally guaranteed their Social Security disability benefit can be garnished. Any money owed to the federal government can conceivably be garnished from Social Security retirement or disability checks.

But...if you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits no creditor can garnish your benefit, not even the Federal Government.

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