Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sjögren's Syndrome is a Relatively Rare but Serious Condition

People with Sjögren's Syndrome look normal on the outside, but inside their bodies tell a different story. Sjögren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to quit producing fluids, including tears, saliva, and sweat. The joints, lungs, digestive system, eyes, mouth, and skin can all be affected, and symptoms may cause severe fatigue, pain and discomfort. It’s important that people with Sjögren's drink water throughout the day, and be sure not to overheat during exercise.

Because Sjögren's Syndrome is uncommon and tends to occur alongside other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, it often goes unrecognized for many years. Also, 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with Sjögren's are women, and physicians may be more likely to attribute these patients’ complaints to an inability to cope with stress—-one woman with Sjögren's was even accused of hiding an eating disorder. The average patient is not diagnosed until her 50s or 60s.

Like other autoimmune diseases, Sjögren's may be triggered by illness or environmental factors, and does not yet have a cure.

Medical treatment is focused on helping patients better manage their symptoms so that they can be as comfortable as possible.

The Sjögren's Society, which operates in the United States and Canada, is trying to increase awareness of this syndrome among physicians and the general public. The Society can also help those with Sjögren's find helpful products, such as special toothpaste, eye drops and mouth gel.

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Blogger TiffanyM said...

Disability question ! First let me apologise for posting in the wrong post I had a question and didn't know where to post ! My case is a very difficult one , When I was 14 I was approved for disability , my father was a police and he died a year later . Social Security started giving me Survivors Benefits because I qualified for it .please note My mom didn't file for survivors I was approved for it by the social security office so my benefits were switched over . I then married 7 yrs later causing my Survivors Benefits to stop ,and Social Security started sending me Disability benefits again . I then recieved a letter in the mail stating that I had to have my case reviewed but I would continue getting my benefits until something is decided that was five months ago . I just recieved a denial letter in the mail , when I took it up to the social security office I was told to put in for a hearing ,so I did ,Then the customer rep called the determination office and asked if I could continue to recieve my benefits until my hearing , (also a hold was put on my case for payments owed ) The request was denied. I was told the reason for my case being closed was because I didn't get reviewed at 18 because I was looked over because I started getting survivors then I got married . My question is what now ?! I'm the head of household ,I have a 7yr old son , my spouse can't find a job and I recently moved my mom in with me who just suffered a stroke so Im caring for her , she recieves disability but its not even close to the rent she gets 545 and the rent is 575 not including the bills . What am I to Do I read on your other site that I can work under a certain time period w/ limitations . I can't sit around for 7 months to a year or more . All the shelters are closed, my family isnt close so staying with a family member is out of the question ,The bill are due , the only thing I can think of is try to work even if its only long enough to make rent . I cant just sit back and do nothing but I dont want to be denied becuase I tried . I have done this before I recieved benefits and could only get through 2 weeks before I had to quit because of my disability . BTW my disability is social phobia w/ panic attack and part of my therapy treatment is to be in public places as long as I can stand it . Please help Can I or should I try to work ? I have a interview in the morning with McDonald's should I go , or am I making a mistake ?

9:58 PM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

Hi Tiffany, sorry it's taken so long to answer. I'll answer this in a new post titled "Social Security Disability, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks"

8:29 PM  

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