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If My Kids Get Social Security Disability Through Their Father, How do I Get Them on SSI?

Here's a recent question: "If My Kids Get Social Security Disability Through Their Father, How do I Get Them on SSI?"

If your kids get Social Security benefits from their father, it is most likely a student dependent benefit. There is a certain monetary amount available on every insured worker’s record for his or her dependents (i.e. children and in some cases spouses). Consequently, your kids are most likely receiving a benefit check because their father is receiving disability.

Therefore, your kids are not receiving social security disability through their father; they are receiving a student benefit. Once your kids turn 18 or 19 if they are still in high school, their entitlement to a Social Security check will be terminated unless they are determined to be disabled as adult children (children who are found to be disabled prior to age 22).

Now, how can you get your kids on SSI? Supplemental Security Income is a disability program; consequently your kids must be found disabled by the rules and guidelines of the Social Security disability program. Meaning--you would have to file an application for your child with Social Security, then your child’s disability claim would be sent to a state agency for a medical decision.

If your child or children are approved for disability, they may be entitled to an SSI disability benefit if the benefit they receive from their father does not put them over the income limit for the program.

SSI is a need based disability program; consequently your children’s entitlement to SSI will be affected by your income, resources, as well as the monetary benefit they receive on their father’s record.

The simple answer to your question is that you may never be able to get them on SSI if they are not found disabled by Social Security or your income and resources are too high to qualify for this disability program.

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Blogger Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

hi. I just found your blog in my search for information on disability overpayment. Boy have I got a doozie! I am blind and have drawn SSDI for about 5 years. In November my benefits abruptly ceased. I called and was told that I owed $29000 in overpayment. I was shocked and horrified. I didn't know I could request to continue receiving benefits. Anyway, I am trying to fight this, because I don't understand why they kept overpaying me. I reported that I worked part-time, but at the end of every year I would get a check for several thousand dollare and a letter stating that they had underpayed me for that year. So, I was lulled into a false sense of security. Now, I am financially destitute and can't get a lawyer to take on the overpayment. I am terrified that the waver will be denied even though you can't get blood from a turnip. Add to this the fact that the SSA sees no reason why they should provide my mail in an accessible form so I can read what I consider confidential thereby maintaining my autonomy. Do you think I have a snowball's chance of getting the overpayment amount waved?

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