Sunday, February 08, 2009

Childhood Diabetes More Serious in Deprived Areas

It should come as no surprise: children who live in more poverty stricken, deprived areas experience more challenging issues from diabetes, such as amputation, higher blood glucose levels, and blindness. It makes sense; those living in poverty are less likely to be able to receive treatment for the disease.

The following article discusses a recent audit of nearly two thousand youngsters treated for diabetes (related page: Social Security Disability and Diabetes). Many factors were examined. And among there were the size of the clinic the kids received treatment in, their age at the time of diagnosis, the type of area they lived in, and how long they had the disease.

In the end, they found that those living in deprived areas are at an increased risk for complications. The article gives information about reducing blood glucose levels, statistics from the audit, and details the findings. The study that the article highlights was published in the journal Diabetic Medicine.

Deprived harder hit by diabetes

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