Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Alzheimers and Antioxidants: A Study

Researchers have been studying the affect of antioxidants on Alzheimer's for a long time to no avail. Their hope has been that antioxidants can help prevent memory loss by preventing brain damage that happens over time. Now researchers from the Rush University Medical Center are studying cerfolin nac, a combination of an antioxidant and a very high dose of B vitamins, to see if it will help deter Alzheimer's.

The following article gives details about the study and talks to a researcher on the project, Dr. Raj Shah, about the study and the theories that are behind the research taking place. The article also talks with Babs Ziielazinski, a study participant in her eighties who is excited to take part in the research.

The article also offers a few ‘fast facts’ about Alzheimers and gives detailed information about where and how to find information about the antioxidant booster cerfolin nac, and the study results online.

Can Anti-Oxidants Prevent Alzheimers?

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