Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Long does it Take to Hear from Social Security About When my Benefits will Take Effect?

Ct Mom sent me the following question: "It took me 5 years, 4 denials and one appeal hearing to finally get approved for SS. I just got my letter last week saying I got approved. How long does it take to hear from SS regarding when my benefits will take effect, etc;?

It goes without saying that the disability process can be a lengthy and arduous process. Without specifics, I can assume that your disability onset is in the past, and that you may have a substantial benefit back pay coming. Now as to when you might expect to receive your social security benefits, that depends on the time it takes for the judge's decision to be written and sent to the payment center for processing. It may take as long as thirty days for the disability hearings office to get the decision to the payment center. Usually, it does not take long for the payment center to get an individual into pay status, provided that your disability claim does not have other factors that require development such as workman's compensation payments.

Now, your disability benefit back pay may take longer to receive than your ongoing monthly disability benefits. Initially, the Social Security payment center has to process your Social Security disability representative's fee, if you had representation. If you are only entitled to Social Security disability benefits, you should receive your back pay soon after your representative is paid.

If you did not have representation or your representative did not qualify for fee withholding your entire benefit back pay will be released to you; of course, if you had a representative who did not have fee withholding you still owe them their fee.

However, if you are entitled to receive some Supplemental Security Income disability along with Social Security or if you were entitled to SSI during your five month Social Security disability waiting period, it may take longer for you to receive your back benefits. A manual computation has to be done to clear back pay benefits when SSI is involved. Additionally, if you are entitled to ongoing SSI disability benefits, your back payment will be released to you in payments not all at once.

Like I said, without knowing specific details about your disability claim, I can only guess as to when you might receive your Social Security disability benefits. I can only give general information about processing time and things that may delay your back pay.

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