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Social Security Disability Claim Reviewed After Seven Years

OCDgirl2000 had the following comment and question:

My son, aged 26, has Sturge Weber Syndrome and Klippel Trenaunay Weber Syndrome. He is vision impaired since the age of 3 months old from multiple glaucoma surgeries, and he has brain malformations and a seizure disorder. Yet he has battled for 8 yrs to get a 2 yr college degree. He had to repeat classes, take only one class a semester, and he was sick many many times from some other related problems that developed over the last 7 yrs of receiving SSI benefits.He had applied at age 18, and was denied, we got him a lawyer, and it was approved. After 7 yrs, he gets a notice, dated 12/8/08, and received on 12/11/2008 he needs to submit a completed 17 page form to recertify that he is REALLY disabled, and it has to be turned in with supporting evidence by Dec 15th. There was no contact information on the letter, the phone number for the Towson,Md. West Road location was changed recently, and it was no longer included on the letter. There was no case manager name, and no 1-800 number on any of the pages, which he had to scan and email to me to help him with. Now, I'm a single 55 yr old NURSE, and I couldn't even get all this done in 3 days, he is vision impaired, and certainly he could not do it! I ended up taking off from work this week to help him, and we had to call is old attorney to find out how to reach someone in the Towson office to leave a message on a supposed case manager's voice mail. We even found the 1-800 number online but that was a poor experience too. They ask you to call back later, that the lines are too busy.It took all day Friday to finally get some phone contact numbers. By then, it was too late to get the 17 pages and documents in within 3 days and have them on the desk of the SSI office completed in an organized and complete way.

Now, WHY, after 7 years would they do this? And why, knowing he is vision impaired was he not offered even enlarged printed forms or a way to contact someone to tell them he needed help and and extension of time? I went in with him on the 16th.

They were rude, and refused to help or give him an extension of time because his case manager "was not there" and the office Manager Ms DuVal, was "not there either". I helped as best I could by completing the form in a very sloppy and incomplete way, leaving the job of letting them find the addresses and phone numbers of all the many specialists and hospitals, clinics, and test results for them to find themselves. 3 days isn't enough for a healthy person to submit, much less a disabled vision impaired person.

My son is quite bright. He has a site on First Giving to help the Sturge Weber Foundation, and as always been an active online and LIVE participant in the Sturge Weber, and Vascular Birthmark Foundaton written and online communications. He helps to support others with the same condition, and meets with Drs out of state when he gets a chance maybe 1 time every other year. He cannot go alone, always needs the help and transport of others. He has breakthrough seizures and vertigo, as well as balance and fine motor problems. He's needed tons of assisitance in the college classes he has finally completed. He just recently applied to Towson University to take even more classes, (slowly of course) and this recent letter seems to have come since he has just gotten the acceptance letter.

Is this the reason why? He has never worked in his entire life. He has actually gotten worse with the ear canal paresis and vertigo lately, and had to miss the first school sememster because of Dr appts. Do you think he will lose his SSI because I gave them such a sloppy and choppy 17 page form back? They refused to copy all of his supporting evidence, which was a mile high pile of paperwork!They took only the top 10 pages of the medical stuff we had with us. It was 2 pm at the time, and they were not closing for another 1.5 hrs. It was a very bad experience altogether.


It appears that your son was asked to complete the paperwork for a Social Security disability medical review. All individuals, who receive either Social Security disability or Supplemental Security disability, have to submit to a medical review every three to seven years. Most individuals, who receive news that their disability entitlement is being reviewed are understandably worried. However, there is generally no need for worry. The vast majority of individuals who are reviewed continue to receive their disability benefits. Social Security cannot determine an individual is not disabled because his paperwork is messy or somewhat incomplete. As long, as you provided them information as to your son's current treating physicians, they will be able to obtain all the medical records. This is why Social Security asks for signed medical release forms, and it's probably why the office personnel did not copy all of the medical records you brought into the office. If you did not need to keep a copy of the medical records your brought to the Social Security office, you could have allowed the records to be sent along with the other medical review paperwork.

For your piece of mind, remember that all individuals have medical reviews and that most continue to receive their disability benefits, especially if they have not been able to perform substantial work activity (support themselves) or their doctors have not indicated that their medical condition has improved to the point that they can perform substantial work activity.

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