Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Factors

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), marked by mental and physical exhaustion, joint pain, muscle pain and a host of other symptoms such as hypersensitivity, depression, digestive disturbances and more, is a poorly understood condition. The cause is unknown and the symptoms are not the same in everyone. CFS is more common in women than men, and is most common among women in their 40’s and 50’s. The most common symptom is extreme exhaustion that is not relieved by rest or sleep, along with muscle and joint pain. While the direct cause is unknown, there are many factors that may be at the root of the condition.

The following article points out that viral infections such as the Epstein Barr Virus and under functioning immune systems can contribute to the condition, as well as an out of balance endocrine system, low blood pressure, and cognitive dysfunction. The article also talks about food intolerances, environmental toxins, emotional stress, heavy metal sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, trauma, and other factors that may contribute to the debilitating condition.

The Root Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Explained

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