Thursday, November 20, 2008

Therapies for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can have a devastating effect on one’s life. The manic depressive disorder affects daily routines, relationships, stress levels, career and social interaction. In addition to pharmaceutical treatments such as anti-depressants, psychotherapy is another form of treatment that can be very helpful for those experiencing bipolar disorder. The following article outlines the types of psychotherapy available from interpersonal and social rhythm therapies, to behavioral and cognitive therapies.

In addition to outlining and explaining various psychotherapies, the article discusses other disorders than can accompany bipolar disorder, such as alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety disorder and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It also provides information about other non-drug related steps that can be taken to help bipolar disorder, including support groups, education, establishing routines, identifying symptoms and signals of a bipolar episode, and adapting to and understanding the various lifestyle changes needed to manage the disorder.

Nondrug Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

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