Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Changes for Social Security Disability in 2009

I often make references to something known as SGA. SGA, substantial gainful activity is a gross monthly income limit, beyond which an individual cannot have earned income and still qualify for disability benefits.

An individual who is filing for disability is not restricted from engaging in work activity as long as their gross earned income each month does not exceed the SGA limit. Individuals who already receive disability benefits cannot have earnings that exceed the SGA limit if they have already exhausted their nine month trial work period.

For years it seemed, SGA was only adjusted periodically. However, SGA is now adjusted annually. For 2008, SGA is $940.00 per month. For 2009, however, SGA will be raised to $980.00 per month. This is actually, though, the SGA amount for sighted, or non-blind, individuals. For blind individuals, the SGA limit is much higher. In 2008, the SGA limit for blind individuals is $1570.00 per month and for 2009 this amount is being raised to $1640.00 per month.

Other changes for 2009 include a raise in the maximum monthly benefit amount for SSI recipients. For 2008, individuals may receive a maximum of $637 in monthly SSI benefits while a couple may receive a maximum of $956.00 per month. For 2009, the individual SSI benefit amount is being raised to $674.00 while the amount for couples is being raised to $1011.00.

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