Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Social Security Appeals Online

An attorney recently wrote in his blog that social security is moving toward requiring that disability appeals be done online. I was amazed by this statement. But no less amazed by how many attorneys actually thought that the disability service improvement--DSI-, an utter failure from the start--initiative would actually work (Tip: a juris doctor does not confer logic).

Here's my short take on it this statement. The social security administration will never require that social security disability appeals will be done online. It can't for the simplest reasons. Many claimants, particularly those living in impoverished areas, do not have computers. Even those who do own a computer may not have access to the net (becoming disabled and unable to work often means cutting back on things like internet, cable, cell phones, etc). And, of course, there is a percentage of the disability application pool whose reason for applying in the first place is that they have an impairment that limits them mentally (borderline intellectual functioning, autism, memory loss, traumatic brain injury.

Requiring that appeals be filed online would be completely unreasonable and unfair. Not that that's the reason it would fail. It would fail because the social security administration would face discouragement lawsuits that it could not win.

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