Sunday, July 13, 2008

Questions about Social Security Disability SSI Hearings

On this page, I've decided to gather all the various pages I've written regarding disability hearings. Some may seem redundant; however, they were written over the course of several years. Some of the topics addressed include how to file a request for a hearing, what happens at a hearing, how to prepare for a hearing, what happens after a disability hearing has been held, the role of the judge in a disability hearing, how long it may take to get a hearing scheduled, the use of vocational experts in hearings, the role of medical records in disability hearings, disability hearing backlogs, and the use of a disability lawyer or non attorney disability representative.

Over time, of course, more pages will be added to this section. More pages will certainly be added regarding the backlog problem in the scheduling of SSD and SSI hearings since this situation does not appear to be one that will ameliorate quickly and will, likely, be with us for a number of years.

1. What are the chances of winning at a disability hearing?

2. Hearings for disability

3. Being Prepared for a Social Security Disability Hearing

4. How long does it take to get a decision from a Disability Judge?

5. Social Security Disability Hearing Question list

6. How long does it take to get a disability hearing scheduled ?

7. The purpose of the Administrative Law Judge in Social security disability and SSI cases

8. How can you get a Quick Hearing for Social Security Disability ?

9. Social Security Disability Hearing, Vocational Expert, Judge

10. Social Security Disability, SSI Hearing Tips

11. Social Security Disability SSI - Speeding up a hearing when you have a dire need (call your congressman)

12. Social Security Disability Hearing Decisions

13. Disability Hearing - the second appeal

14. Social Security Disability SSI - How long does it take to get a hearing for disability ?

15. Requested a Disability Hearing - Now what?

16. Is a disability hearing your best chance of being approved?

17. Do you need a lawyer for a disability hearing?

18. How long does it take get a decision after a Disability Hearing ?

19. Getting ready for a disability hearing

20. The Disability Hearing and Doctor Records

21. Social Security Disability SSI Hearing Loss and Ear problems (just seeing if you're paying attention)

22. What's the Worst Social Security Disability Hearing Office in the Country?

23. Social Security Administrative Law Judge Increase ?

24. The average wait for a social security disability hearing ?

25. Hearings for social security disability - how do you file for a hearing

26. I filed for a Social Security Disability Hearing, how long will it take?

27. Filing a Request for a Disability Hearing - do you need a lawyer ?

28. The Social Security Disability Hearing Process

29. Preparing for a Disability Hearing - A Resource List

30. A Social Security Disability SSI Hearing Prep Video/DVD

31. Social Security Disability Hearings in Arizona

32. Social Security Disability Hearings and Hidden Backlogs

33. Disability Hearings in Fort Wayne Indiana are taking 21 months

34. Social Security Disability Hearings in Western New York

35. Steps for Filing a Request for a Social Security Disability Hearing (and tips)

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