Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cancer, Social Security Disability SSI

This page contains links to various posts that reference cancer. In time, it will contain links to pages that discuss specific forms of cancer and the disability benefit evaluation standards that apply to them.

1. Do Mobile phones cause cancer

"Many studies that have compared the risk of cancerous tumors to cell phone usage have found not increased risk for cancer"

2. Disability, Cancer, and Vitamin D

"Recent studies have linked low levels of vitamin D to breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer and colon cancer"

3. Social Security Disability Colon Cancer

"I came across a cancer forum in which the thread participants were discussing how to file for social security disability"

4. Lymphoma Social Security Disability SSI - Applying for Disability

"Lymphoma is not a single cancer, but a group of cancers with similar symptoms, which account for about five percent of all diagnosed cancer in the United States"

5. Disability and Breast Cancer

"The death rate of breast cancer patients who've had early treatment is higher than the death rates for women without disabilities"

6. Research Suggests that a Breast Cancer drug may help treat Bipolar Mania

"Study results indicated that the breast cancer treatment drug Tamoxifen helped treat the manic phase of bipolar disorder"

7. Fat Cells, what are they good for? Fighting cancer!

"Instead of pumping such drugs throughout the body, these fat cells actually target cancer cells directly"

8. Study finds no cancer risk from mobile phone use

"A Danish team found no evidence that this was linked to an increased risk of tumours"

9. Brain Cancer from Cell Phones

10. Almost no reduction in cancer mortality rates

11. Colon Cancer, Inflammatory bowel disease, and getting the right diagnosis

12. Rheumatoid Arthritis and the increased risk of cancer from certain drugs

"Liz Szabo of USA today writes in a recent article about the increased risk of cancer from the drugs remicade and humira"

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