Sunday, June 22, 2008

Social Security Disability SSI and Bipolar Disorder

On this page, you'll find various postings regarding bipolar disorder. For additional information about the social security disability and SSI disability programs, you may wish to visit the homepage for (the link is listed at the top of the page).

1. Midday Light Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

"Recently, a new article from Reuters Health reported on a study that suggests that light therapy can also help those suffering with bipolar disorder"

2. Bipolar Disorder, ECT, Social Security Disability

"As he states, the ECT has been extremely helpful in treating his bipolar disorder"

3. Will I get disability with Bipolar Disorder ?

"Individuals with bipolar disorder, of course, can apply for either SSDI or SSI. Although, the determination as to which benefit is not up to the applicant"

4. Social Security Disability SSI, Bipolar, Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia

"Reading the article, though, made me think of two other conditions, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia"

5. Bipolar Disorder and Disability Benefits

"What could be the reason for the rise in bipolar disorder cases? I've wondered about that many times"

6. Bipolar Disorder, Social Security Disability, and Mixed states

"As a former disability examiner, I saw bipolar disorder as an allegation on quite a few cases"

7. Bipolar Disorder, Social Security Disability and SSI, and alchol and drugs

"the social security disability system probably doesn't know it's head from it's @#&bleep*&^ when it comes to rendering disability determinations on the basis of bipolar"

8. Bipolar Disability

"Bipolar disorder, of course, is an impairment seen on applications for Social Security Disability and SSI"

9. Bipolar Disorder, Disability Benefits, Going Back to work and Disability Activists

"On engaging in work activity if you have been approved for either social security disability or SSI benefits: you take a risk by doing it"

10. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Bipolar Patients

"Currently, Medicare rebates are available for bipolar patients who want to receive cognitive behavioral therapy"

11. Future Blood Tests may Reveal Mental Disorders such as Bipolar Disorder and Depression

"Speaking as a daughter and mother of bipolar individuals, the thought that medical professionals would be better equipped to diagnose my loved one’s mental status through a blood test excited me"

12. Therapies for Bipolar Disorder

13. Bipolar Children Become Bipolar Young Adults

14. Bipolar Disorder, On Medical Leave, When should you file for disability?

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