Sunday, June 22, 2008

Social Security Disability SSI and Fibromyalgia

On this page, you'll find links to posts on this blog that concern fibromyalgia. For information about qualifying for either social security disability or SSI disability on the basis of fibromyalgia, you may wish to refer to---

SSD, SSI and Fibromyalgia

Applying for disability with fibromyalgia

Prior blog posts regarding FMS

1. Fibromyalgia Patients, Lyrica, and Social Security Disability

"When I was a disability examiner, I found it fairly common for other examiners to ridicule certain impairments such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia"

2. Risk factors for Fibromyalgia

"Fibromyalgia is thought to affect around 5 percent of the population in the United States"

3. Fibromyalgia, Judge's Perceptions and the resulting impact on Claimant Credibility

"The mere diagnosis of fibromyalgia is sometimes dubious to disability judges"

4. Can Antiviral Drugs Help Fibromyalgia?

"viral illnesses such as parvovirus, Epstein-Barr, Lyme disease, herpes virus 6 and other viral illnesses could possibly be a trigger for disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia"

5. Fibromyalgia and Insomnia: Cause or Effect?

"Other studies have shown that when people without fibromyalgia were disrupted during their delta sleep stage, they developed symptoms such as achy join and muscle pain"

6. Social Security Disability SSI Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

"Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are two conditions for which the social security administration does not have a listing in its impairment listing manual"

7. Fibromyalgia Resources

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