Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Memory Loss and Social Security Disability SSI benefits

Memory loss shows up on a wide range of applications for social security disability and SSI disability applications. It's fairly common to see this condition mentioned in connection with claims filed on the basis of stroke. However, memory loss, typically short-term memory loss, will also appear on claims in which the chief allegation (the condition cited as a basis of disability) is depression, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue.

On this page, you'll find posts that are specifically about memory or posts regarding social security disability and SSI that in some way reference memory loss.

1. Social Security Disability SSI and Memory Loss

"How often does memory loss play into the processing of an SSD claim (social security disability) or SSI disability claim (supplemental security income)?"

2. How can you keep your memory as your age?

"Another answer to memory loss might be guanfacine, an old high blood pressure pill that has been found to improve memory in old monkeys and rats."

3. Social Security Disability Psychological Exam (mentions memory scales that are used in testing for disability claims)

"A memory scale may be ordered for a claimant who has suffered a head injury or a stroke. As an examiner, I've also seen memory scales ordered for claimants with depression and fibromyalgia."

4. Medications and treatment for alzheimer's

"Some researchers are working on vaccines to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by fortifying the body’s immune system"

5. Social Security Disability Approvals that are automatic

"A CVA (cerebrovascular accident) may involve more extensive damage with permanent effects that render the possibility of returning to work absolutely nil"

6. Can you get Disability if you are unemployable? (contains a mention of memory impairment)

"So, to answer the question---can you get disability if you are unemployed? Yes, if you are unable to work due to your physical or mental condition..."

7. Applicants with memory problems may need help in applying

"In one of those posts, I mentioned the fact that applicants with mood disorders or memory problems might particularly need assistance in applying for for disability"

8. Mid-Life Memory Loss Linked to Smoking

"Medical evidences suggests that smokers who are experiencing mid-life memory loss may be on a faster track to dementia"

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