Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Senators Realize How bad the Situation is at the Social Security Administration

I guess everybody's blogging these days. But, I have to admit, it seems a bit strange to visit a blog written by a U.S. Senator (or by one of their staff members--you can never tell).

Senator Olympia Snowe, of the state of Maine, apparently seems to "get it" with regard to the funding/resource/manpower problem at the social security administration. She states on her blog that "the Agency has been unable to hire new employees to replace the 10 percent of its workforce that has retired in just the last two years."

Think about that. SSA, one of the most important federal agencies that we all will have to rely on at some point to initiate our retirement claims (and may have to rely on at some point if we become disabled and unable to work), has lost ten percent of its workforce in the last two years. That's amazing.

Why is it amazing? Here's why (I have said this so many times here before):

1. As workers quit or retire and are not replaced, the remaining workers will be forced to do the work of those workers who are no longer there.

2. Since many of those remaining workers are also eligible to retire, they will, quite understandably, begin to get pissed and leave the social security administration.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

But there's also another problem here. At some point, when Congress finally manages to get its head out of its "bleep", how will you train new workers when so many of the experienced ones will have already left? That's a valid question. A lot of institutional experience is being lost, a.k.a. being willfully pissed away. And the individuals responsible for it? Congress.

They, after all, hold the purse strings. And, unfortunately, they hold the key to the financial future of so many claimants who must apply for disability.

Senator Snowe on the Social Security Administration Workforce

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