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Social Security Disability Mistakes

It can be difficult enough on its own to win a social security disability or SSI disability case. But the last thing a claimant should do is commit one of a number of simple mistakes that can potentially make it harder to win a case. Of course, if the disability benefit evaluation system worked as it should (i.e. decisions were made properly within a reasonable amount of time), the entire notion of a claimant "making a mistake on a case" would be null and void. However, the system as it exists, is far from such a state. And, therefore, claimants really need to consider how they can best optimize their chances of winning.

So, here's a collection of posts from this blog that address various mistakes to avoid when either filing for disability benefits, or filing an appeal after a disability claim has been denied.

1. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 1:

Not filling out your disability application completely

2. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 2:

Not checking the status of your disability case

3. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 3:

Calling the wrong source for information

4. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 4:

Waiting too long to file an appeal

5. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 5:

Assuming you can't afford a disability attorney

6. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 6:

Assuming you cannot win your disability case

7. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 7:

Believing there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning disability benefits

8. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 8:

Thinking you can't win disability if you don't go to the doctor much

9. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 9:

Assuming you won't receive disability back pay

10. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 10:

Assuming the disability process is too complicated or confusing for you to understand

11. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 11:

Automatically assuming your doctor supports your disability case

12. Social Security Disability Mistake Number 12:

Thinking you can't file for disability unless your condition is worse than it is

Of course, this is just a short list of things to consider when filing for disability benefits. Other mistakes to avoid include the following:

1. Not indicating your most recent medical treatment to both your disability attorney and to the social security administration (neither your representative nor SSA can obtain your most recent medical records if they are not aware that you've received recent treatment).

2. Changing your contact information without passing it on to the individuals who need it most, such as your disability representative and the social security administration. In the case of SSA, this would mean contacting the social security office where you filed and letting them know that your mailing address and phone number have changed.

3. Failing to be compliant with your prescribed medications. Many claimants would be surprised to learn that failing to take the medications that you have been directed to take by your treating physician can actually form the basis for a denial of your case, but it can. And the last place you want to find that reality out is at your hearing.

However, I would say the biggest mistake made by disability claimants is up on a case after it has been denied the first time. And on that subject I will post a blog entry sometime soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say from looking at a few of your posts I am pleased that you are here and telling people some of the ins and outs. I wish I would've found you before I did my case. I was recently fully approved after 2 appeals and a hearing. It took approx. 20 months for the process and I did obtain counsel after filing my 2nd appeal.
I would like to tell people that it is very important for them to keep up on their case and to look over any reports, especially the counsultive exam reports. I was sent to one for a physical exam per say and it lasted an entire 10 minutes. When I got a copy of the report I noticed the garbage this doctor was trying to spit out and wrote a letter with my objection to his report. (ex:he said there was no scoliosis, even though he never touched my back or did a true test for it, and he was told that about 13yrs prior an xray showed it). There were other things as well but that one really boiled me, and within 2 wks of my appt with him I saw a new primary care provider and the scoliosis was there and a leg length discrepancy was discovered as well.
My list was lengthy seeings I'm only 33 but I started with filing based on back pain, anxiety, depression-phobia and by the time I got to hearing it was also discovered there was osteopenia(low bone density)-mild obstructive sleep apnea-rare skin issue called Lichen Planus(which may or may not recur)-Fibromyalgia(which Lyrica didn't help for me)-PTSD-obesity and knee pain that could not be explained even after an xray and MRI.
Anyway again I want to thank you for being here to share information and maybe you should try to post a link through the SSA site or something so you are discovered more easily. If anyone would like to talk further on my experience and thought feel free to email me at I am from the lovely state of MAINE-lol

12:32 AM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

Ruth, unfortunately the experience you had is fairly common. I'm glad to hear you got approved eventually.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you and I was aware that it is almost "standard practice" to get denied twice before you get approved. Like you said it is a way for the Govt. to save money because most will give up.
Keep up the wonderful job

9:11 PM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

Ct mom, the answer to your question was too long to respond in a comment so I turned it into a post. How Long does it Take to Hear from Social Security About When my Benefits will Take Effect?

10:31 PM  

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