Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Security Disability is not Welfare

I seldom reference other articles on social security disability if it is not apparent to me that the writer actually knows what they're talking about (good sources of information may include disability lawyers, disability examiners, social security claims reps, and non-attorney advocates, some of whom are former examiners and claims reps).

However, in this case, I'll make an exception. This particular writer of the article linked below makes an opening statement that I really have trouble with. Let me just say it: Social Security Disability is not welfare. Not in any way shape or form is that true. SSDI is a form of insurance and you pay for it via the FICA deductions that are taken out of your paycheck, or that you pay through self-employment. The acronym itself stands for social security disability insurance.

Some people make the argument "Well, its not really insurance since you don't have any choice as to whether you pay it".

Guess what? You don't have a choice as to whether or not you pay car insurance either. And its still insurance.

Social Security Disability is not welfare, but, rather, a benefit to which you are entitled if you become disabled as a result of an illness or injury, or progressive condition. An individual's state of disability can result from a single impairment, or disability may be from several impairments and may be physical or mental in nature.

For Social Security Disability purposes, a state of disability must last for at least one full year (or be projected to last that long, meaning you don't actually have to wait a year before you file for disability). It must also be disabling in the sense that it prevents you from earning a monthly amount known as SGA (see substantial gainful activity) while you perform A) either your past work or B) some form of other work that would be suitable based on your age, education, skills, and rated limitations.

So, why am I focusing on the statement written by the writer of the article below? Because I've said it many times here before. You need to be careful about where you get your information. The mere fact that "Jinky" calls social security disability welfare is a big red flag.

Jinky calls Social Security Disability Welfare

Another article by "Jinky" - read this one and ask yourself if Jinky is really a good source of information or just a paid marketer set in motion by some lawfirm: Jinky the paid marketing writer

To find more of Jinky's great writing, go to google and type in the following: jinky social security disability

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