Friday, May 23, 2008

Social Security Disability Hearing Decisions

After you've had your disability hearing, you do what every other disability claimant does. You settle in and wait for a hearing decison to arrive in the mail.

Let me caution you on this. It could be a long wait, even if the administrative law judge actually told you at your hearing that he would pay the case (translation: approve your disability claim). Why is this? Two reasons, really. Backlogs at the various hearing offices around the country and also the fact that, although the ALJ will make the decision on your disability hearing, the actual notice of decision must be compiled by someone else at ODAR (office of disability adjudication and review, formerly known as OHA, the office of hearings and appeals). That individual is known as a decision writer. And like most functionaries in the SSA disability system, they are backed up as well.

How long does it take to receive disability hearing decisions. As with every other step in the system, there's no way to really know. Typically, you should expect to receive a notice of decision within a six to twelve week timeframe. If the judge at your hearing says two weeks, just remember that might be the amount of time for him to finish his part in the process.

That may not necessarily mean that you'll get your hearing decision notice in two weeks.

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