Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recent News i.e. what the heck I read today

A story on Yahoo news is titled "China, Russia condemn US missile defense plans". Wow. Big surprise there, huh. Especially since recent testing indicates that U.S. anti-missile technology seems to be pretty efficient and effective and is getting better all the time. I understand the Russian position on this, of course. They went bankrupt once before trying to keep up with U.S. military advancement, but the People's Republic has money to burn these days. Maybe they're ticked off because they'll have to divert some of the funds they receive from stocking the shelves at Walmart that's allocated to pacific naval expansion into R&D for starwars tech. But, crap, they're already lasering their own satellites for target practice. So, what's the big deal? Also, they shouldn't worry that some of the gains we get out of developing this type of tech will be used to compete against them with regard to commercial applications. Why would they? We dropped the ball on the VCR way back and we recently dropped the ball on flat screen tv technology (developed here, but produced elsewhere and sold by the same).

Here's another headline: "OPEC unhappy with oil price surge: El-Badri". That's not surprising either. We in the U.S. only begin to talk seriously (and nervously) about alternative fuel technology and reducing dependence on foreign oil when...come on, this is an easy one...gas prices start looking as though they're trying to do a moonshot. The OPEC nations surely know that they're on a timer. Sooner or later, this nation and the rest of the industrialized world will be scooting around in hydrogen fuel cell cars or (a better bet) electric plugins (charge them overnight and contain emissions at one source only). When that happens, Opec nations should look forward to having a far smaller voice in the world. We sure will.

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Blogger Lee said...

Mr Moore,
Can you answer a question for me?
I recently received an inheritance, will I lose my disability payments? Thank you, Lee

6:55 AM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

I used to be a disability examiner and examiners don't really deal with payment issues, just disability adjudication (making decisions on disability claims). However, I also used to be a caseworker (AFDC, food stamps, and Medicaid, basically all programs), so I have a pretty extensive background in the types of issues that social security field office claims reps deal with. Even so, it's best to consult a CR for something like this. I addressed your question here: If I receive an inheritance, will I lose my disability payments?.

8:40 PM  

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