Thursday, May 08, 2008

Drawing Social Security Disability Benefits for a medical or mental condition

Sometimes I visit different health forums and come across various questions that individuals have about applying for social security or filing for SSI disability benefits (applications in either program are handled exactly the same way with no difference as far as decision-making is concerned). And, invariably, I always run into a question similar to one of these examples:

And the answer to all of these, and similar questions is simply----you can be approved for SSD (social security disability) or SSI (supplemental security income) benefits on the basis of any condition, physical or mental, as long as it can be shown that the condition has the effect of:

1. Lasting one full year (if it hasn't already lasted one year, it can simply be projected to last one full year).

2. Preventing an applicant from engaging in their past work and earning at least the SGA amount (for a description of SGA, read this page--substantial gainful activity).

3. Preventing an applicant from engaging in other work while earning at least the SGA amount.

In essence, the condition itself is somewhat irrelevant to the disability evaluation process. What is more important, and fundamentally so, is how the condition affects and limits the individual's ability to work.

And because the ability to work is at the heart of the process of determining a person's eligibility for social security disability or SSI, there are certain aspects of a claimant's case that will receive a fair amount of consideration and review. And those will be brought up in an upcoming next post, titled "What social security looks at in deciding a disability case".

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