Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Social Security Disability on Mahalo

Mahalo, is a creation and startup of Jason Calcanis, the well-known founder of Weblogs, Inc, who successfully sold that venture for $25 million to AOL. Calcanis managed to show the blogging world just how interesting, user-useful, and financially successful a blog could actually be. Mahalo, however, is something different. It seems to be a search engine, a directory, and a wiki all rolled into one. I, for one, find it fairly impressive so far.

Here's how I actually find the site, by coming this particular webpage: Social Security and Social Security Disability on Mahalo.

If you'll notice, the Mahalo page lists a variety of resources that relate to both the retirement and disability programs operated by SSA. However, it also divides them into logical and convenient categories (I was very pleased to find both Disability Secrets and My Disability Blog listed on the page--Thanks Aaron and Michael!) and offers some interesting factual tidbits at the top of the page.

However, as useufl as the Mahalo page is, what I really like about it is the layout. Not only is it functional, its easy on the eyes. Why is this important? Well, after adjusting monitor resolutions for several older individuals I know (all in their late sixties), it has become obvious to me that not everyone likes small text-on-page or the cluttery page style of a myspace page. By contrast with many directories and search engine results, Mahalo's pages seem serene by comparison.

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