Saturday, March 01, 2008

Social Security Disability Arizona

If you apply for social security disability or SSI in the state of Arizona, what are the chances that you will be approved? And how long will your disability case take to process? Recent information (provided by the office of Arizona Congresswoman Giffords) provides the following answers:

1. Individuals who live in Arizona and file for disability will typically have a 64 percent chance of being denied on their claim.

2. The majority of those individuals who decide to file the first disability appeal after being denied on a disability application will also be denied.

3. The majority of those individuals who file the second disability appeal, the request for hearing, will be approved.

Giffords office stated that they had looked into forty-five social security disability cases and had found that, eventually, nineteen of the twenty cases they looked into were approved by a judge at a disability hearing.

How long did it take to get a disability decision in Arizona at this level of the system? Twenty-one months.

There are, of course, several important lessons to take from this information if you are an Arizona resident. The first one is that you should never give up on a disability claim and the reasoning is simple enough. Even if you get denied on the application and get denied on the first appeal, your odds of being approved go up substantially at the second appeal level, which is the disability hearing.

The second lesson, however, is this. As I've stated many times on my website, there can be advantages in contacting a congressman for assistance on a claim. Somtimes this can dramatically speed up the scheduling of a disability hearing and, potentially, a congressional inquiry conducted by a congressperson's office can throw enough "light" on a claim that the ALJ (administrative law judge) handling the claim will be careful to give the claimant full and fair consideration.

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