Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do Mobile phones cause cancer

A study was done at the Tel Aviv University that looked at 500 Israelis with salivary gland cancer and compared their cell phone usage to that of 1300 healthy individuals. The study seemed to indicate that individuals who held the cell phone to one side of their head for many hours per day were about fifty percent more likely to develop salivary gland tumors.

Many studies that have compared the risk of cancerous tumors to cell phone usage have found not increased risk for cancer. However, researchers at the Tel Aviv University stated that these studies tended to focus on brain tumors and did not include long time cell phone users.

Salivary gland cancer is very rare. For example, two hundred and thirty thousand cases of cancer are diagnosed in the United Kingdom annually; of these cases five hundred and fifty are cancer of the salivary gland.

Dr.Siegal Sadetzki (research leader) stated that while cell phone use is much higher in Israel than other parts of the world, evidence garnered from this study might give the rest of the world some indication into what the cumulative affect of long-term cell phone use. Dr Sadetzki emphasized that this study is not enough to prove positive link between cell phone usage and cancer, and the more research is necessary.

Although it is important to remember the vast majority of research available to us today suggest that there is no link between increased risk of any type of cancer and cell phone usage, we must remember that cell phones are a relatively new technology therefore long term affects of cell phone usage may not be known for years.

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