Sunday, February 24, 2008

Applying for Disability Based on MS, Multiple Sclerosis

I've alway known that the approval rates (at the initial claim, i.e. social security disability application, level) for claimants applying on the basis of MS were fairly good as compared to cases in general. However, before now I haven't had statistical information as to how good.

So, what are the chances of being approved for disability based on mutliple sclerosis if you file for disability? Answer: 48.1 percent.

That doesn't sound too fantastic. However, let's put the statistic in perspective. Nationwide, an average of only 30 percent of all claims are approved at the application level.

At a social security disability hearing, of course, a claimant whose primary allegation is multiple sclerosis should stand very favorably as compared to other cases. The approval rate in general for unrepresented claimants is roughly forty percent, while claimants who are represented by a disability attorney at a hearing have roughly a sixty percent chance of winning. Logically, it would stand to reason that an individual with MS who goes to a hearing should have at least as good a chance of winning, and probably better.

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