Saturday, January 05, 2008

What if you had to live on nothing but Social Security

I found a post on something called My money blog with the title "What If You Had To Live Solely Off Of Social Security?".

The page is fairly sobering. It lists the average social security retirement benefit (according to the page, it is currently $963) and gives you a window-look into the lives of several individuals who are living, in their retirement years, off of social security. I can relate to several of the excerpts.

In one, an individual states that he (or she) lives in section 8 housing and that apartments his area are between $700 and $1,300 per month. In my part of the country (a bit north of Raleigh, North Carolina), apartments go for about the same amounts. Obviously, if you draw the average retirement benefit or receive disability benefits, you're going to have trouble keeping a roof over your head in areas like this.

In another excerpt, a person states that their biggest expenses are health insurance and medication. Their medications are not covered by their HMO (I assume there are no generics for what they take) and they were forced for some time to use Canadian pharmacies. However, those pharmacies no longer serve Americans (this is definitely news to me) and now they have, to meet ends meet, simply stopped taking their most expensive meds.

With each passing month, it becomes clearer to me that the road ahead (the road of life and growing older) is becoming less secure and more full of potholes. And for those who must subsist on disability benefits, the road looks even bleaker as they've been cheated out of, in many instances, their best potential earning years (i.e. the opportunity to build up their disability/retirement benefit amount and the chance to accumulate for the future).

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What If You Had To Live Solely Off Of Social Security?

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